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Are you still doing follow up the old fashioned way?  Are you still smiling and dialing?  Have you figured out that it isn’t working as well as it used to?  Is it getting harder to connect with your prospects and customers?  You could be leaving big money on the table.  We are going to spill the beans and share a simple follow up system that works!


Frustrated with Follow Up?

Most sales reps are frustrated about the effort it takes to do proper follow up.  You spend a lot of time making calls and leaving messages that never get returned.  It happens to all of us!  Or even worse, being left behind, feeling like you are losing sales to savvy competitors using technology to automate their follow up.

  • Calls not being returned
  • Not knowing if your voice message was even being heard
  • Prospects not available when you called
  • Are your emails being read or even opened?
  • Did the messages have a strong impact?

If We All Know…The fortune is in the follow up. Then why aren't you closing more sales and leaving all that money on the table?

Are Seven Touches Enough?

Most prospects never receive enough touches whether its phone calls, direct mail, email, etc.  We all know, it is essential for sales.  It is important for you to have an automated system to qualify and follow up with your leads.  It requires several touches to turn a prospect into a customer.


Originally it was accepted that an average of 7 interactions were required to develop a trustworthy relationship.  In fact, this number is really outdated.  Due to internet technology, the number of touches needed has almost doubled.

  • A study by Microsoft says it takes an average of 13 touches.

  • 89% of sales reps give up on their 4th touch .

  • Its not until the 5th contact, that you are a factor in your prospects mind

  • At the 9th touch, the prospect is ready to buy

  • Whether it is 7 or 13 touches, standing out is the differentiator.  We just aren’t reaching out often enough to our prospects.

Gold Star

Follow Up System

It’s called Gold Star Follow Up and your prospects have come to expect it.  Prospects are spoiled by the internet and mobile access.  They now demand attention how they want it and when they want it.

  • There is a Buyer Shift, technology and prospect expectations have radically changed buying habits.

  • 7 in 10 business to business buyers watch a video, sometime during their buying process.

  • Use it to your advantage and send them a personalized video.

Do You Want the UNFAIR Advantage of Automation?

Automation of your follow up is the unfair advantage to building trust and rapport with little to no effort once in place.  Automation is also the key to multiplying the number of Happy Dances you enjoy. 


Wouldn’t it be great if you could stop pulling your hair out making phone calls and chasing your tail with ineffective follow up techniques like getting lost in voice mail, and instead spend your time taking orders!

The 3 Secrets to Communication

Used in combination, these 3 secrets make the Gold Star Follow Up Experience the most powerful sales system to date.

Secret #1

Only 7% of Your Communication is the result of "What You Say" or

"What You Write"

This is like your basic email with text


Secret #2

38% of Your Communcation is a

Result of

"How You Say It"

This includes your volume, pitch, tone of voice, and how fast you talk

Secret #3

55% of Your Communication is a

Result of

"How You Look When You're Saying It"

This includes you facial expressions, body posture, and movement

When you use video in your emails, you combine all 3 secrets resulting in a powerful and impactful message.  Now you have an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE that leads you faster to the Happy Dance.  If you are not utilizing video in your follow up you are squandering an opportunity to use technology that is readily available to you, and to have the greatest impact with your prospects and customers.  You don’t want to be left behind.

Are You Willing to Give Up 93% of Your Sales Effectiveness?

When you send regular text emails, you give up 93% of your effectiveness.  That is 38% for "How You Say It", and a whopping 55% for "How You Look When You're Saying It"

  • Over 50% of your communication is lost without video or face to face contact

  • With video, people can watch you and make a connection with you without having to see you face to face.

Can you see the enormous value in using video to grow your business?

The best part is this is all possible

without any tech skills or equipment.

The Vaxis Gold Star Follow Up System Provides

Maximum Results with Minimum Effort


Video Brings Email to Life

  • Imagine the impact your video email can make on your prospects! 
  • What are you going to feel like when people respond positively to your video follow ups?
  • How are you going to feel when it is automated and sent out when it is best for you and your prospects?
  • Will you be able to spend more time doing actual sales instead of following up?

Bonus Tools Included

Everything you need to make the most out the Gold Star Follow Up System

  • Beautiful Done for You Templates

    Save time with automating messages you want to send over and over.

  • Custom Call to Action Buttons

    The MUST HAVE Sales Tool

  • Tracking

    Know when your emails are being opened, videos seen, and CTA buttons clicked.

  • Custom Look and Feel,


    Project a professional image with your branding on every video email

  • Custom Look and Feel,


    Project a professional image with your branding on every video email


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